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For Clients


We value the work of socially responsible clients and aim to help achieve their missions. Our clients include non-profit organizations, NGO's, social enterprises, B-corporations, and incubators. We partner with companies and organizations operating both locally in Philadelphia and across the United States and international markets to create tailored solutions for each of our clients in a variety of strategic issues. Prospective clients can contact us to learn more or propose a project.


Business Development

Quantitative & Financials

Marketing & Analytics

Business Expansion

  • Growth Strategy

  • Scaling

  • Product Development

Strategy and Operations

  • Operations improvement

  • Value chain development

Data and Non-Profits

  • Analytics and Modeling

  • Fundraising

  • Feasibility Analysis

Financial Analysis

  • Modeling

  • Projections

  • Grant Strategies 

Marketing Research

  • Competitive Landscaping

  • Industry Research

  • Consumer Positioning

Analytics & Strategy

  • Market Penetration

  • Omnichannel Strategies

  • Pricing, Survey Design

  • Data Collection Analysis


SIC operates in all dimensions of the strategic space, from business development and marketing to analytics and client-specific case studies. We tailor our analysis and recommendations to add value to the specific challenges and initiatives our clients are facing, and aim to achieve both short-term and long-term sustainable impact. 

We work with clients in a variety of different industries to solve their most critical issues and optimally position themselves with innovative and practical solutions. Our deliverables include analysis and recommendations, business models, financial models and feasibility studies, and industry research. 


New clients are selected on a rolling basis for projects each year with a duration from:


September - December

February - May

Learn more below about how our teams are staffed onto client projects.





Project Brainstorm

Initial Contact

Development Period

Application Form

Clients engage us with potential project ideas that add value to their organization

We reach out to learn more about the client organization or company, their initiatives and challenges, and how our work fits in

We work with clients to narrow the scope, key questions, and potential deliverables for the engagement

Clients submit the written application after our initial client sourcing conversations to be considered for an SIC project the upcoming semester


Project Kick-off

Project leaders are matched with client projects, teams are staffed with consultants of suitable skills and backgrounds, and selected projects begin

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