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Awesome Little Cupcakes

Business Model Research | Funding & Budget | Food & Beverage

About the Client

As a working mom, Stephanie Lawrence was used to sacrificing her dreams to provide for her family. But when she had the opportunity to create gourmet cupcakes and cakes for her kids, she went all out. Awesome Little Cupcakes is a Philadelphia-based cupcake shop. They specialize in gourmet jumbo-size cupcakes in 110 different flavors and provide cake decorating lessons as well.

The Project

Challenge: Awesome Little Cupcakes sought guidance on how to structure their business and market to their end consumers

Goal: The SIC team sought to develop:

  • An understanding of social enterprise business models as well as funding and budget structures

  • A comprehensive marketing strategy that was implementable and addressed business needs


Case studies on successful social enterprises to improve organizational strategy.

 Recommendations on optimal business models to drive growth and lower customer churn.

Funding analysis and budget model to position Awesome Little Cupcakes for long-term revenue.

Marketing toolkit to strengthen Awesome Little Cupcake's online presence and brand image.

Research and analysis on job training programs.

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