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ROAR for Good

Fundraising Strategy | Primary Market Research | Sustainability

About the Client

ROAR is a female-led B2B SaaS B-co based in Philadelphia. Their main product is a turnkey panic button solution with a patented BLE mesh network (click the button to alert a company of an emergency with one of their employees). Their product has many applications, especially in healthcare and hospitality work settings, where staff duress remains an issue. Their goal is to cultivate safer workplaces and protect 1 million vulnerable people by 2030.

The Project

Challenge: ROAR's existing pricing was cost-based, rather than value-based with prices left to the discretion of sales reps, creating unsustainable revenue streams.

Goal: The SIC team sought to develop:

  • An understanding of social enterprise business models as well as funding and budget structures

  • A comprehensive marketing strategy that was implementable and addressed business needs


Competitor Analysis: analyzed case studies of ROAR’s top competitors

Value-Based Pricing: studied ROAR’s value prop. through external and internal research to create different product bundles

Conjoint Analysis:

a quantitative marketing tool to determine which points of differentiation should be emphasized

Discount Model:

refined to make their product more accessible to smaller businesses

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