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Membership Strategy | Surveys & Analytics | Food & Beverage

About the Client

Fishadelphia is a community-supported fishery that brings fresh, local seafood to Philadelphia’s diverse communities. They offer a tiered seafood subscription service with five different membership levels: Market Rate, Community & Neighborhood Rates, and Supporter & Sustainer Rates. Supporters and sustainers pay above market rate for the same seafood to subsidize the shares community and neighborhood members receive.

The Project

Challenge: Fishadelphia's subscription model was unprofitable because of a lack of support and sustainer subscriptions

Goal: The SIC team sought to develop:

  • Increase supporter and sustainer membership levels using analysis of past survey data and new survey design and analysis
    Diversify Fishadelphia’s revenue streams using secondary research/case studies


A matrix of potential promoting events to increase revenue streams supported by real-life case studies

Evaluated their current business model, specifically logistics and product offering, and crafted recommendations to improve efficiency and reach

Compiled a list of potential corporate donors to increase sign-ups in higher membership tiers

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